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If OEM parts are non-negotiable to you, you will need to look for a car insurance carrier that covers OEM parts. Some insurance carriers do not offer them at all. When you are shopping for car insurance, make OEM parts one of your top questions for the insurance agent.

Apr 01, 2009  · Best Answer: In general: If you have collision and comprehensive coverage on your car- if you rent a car- the collision/comp coverage on your car will protect the rental car. This means, you do not have to purchase the insurance from the rental company (at a.

Magee said Alabama’s biggest auto insurance companies, State Farm, Alfa and Allstate, are set for the new system, and 58 of 67 counties were already online by mid-December. She predicts all counties w.

What does liability car insurance cover? Bodily injury liability (BI) pays, up to your policy limits, for injuries or death that you (the policyholder), or other drivers covered by your car insurance policy, are found responsible for after a motor vehicle accident.

The business of car insurance is built on calculating risk. Your car insurance premiums are based on how much of a risk an insurance company thinks you are when you’re behind the wheel. Many of the risk factors insurers consider are things you can’t control, such as your gender and your age.

It will cover the damage incurred by the other car, as well as medical costs for the other driver and passengers. It can also cover property damage and more. If you hit a pedestrian, liability insurance will cover their medical costs as well.

Does a fender-bender in your past make you more likely to have a tree land on your roof or a flood in your basement? Insurance giant Allstate thinks so, and consumer advocates are angry. “Allstate dat.

Does car insurance cover other drivers? Figuring out whether your insurance covers other drivers can be confusing, especially if the other drivers aren’t family members and they aren’t noted on the policy. Typically, though, an auto policy covers the car and its designated drivers.

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Coverage Types Liability Coverage. Car insurance is required in all 50 states for anyone who wishes to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Each state has its own requirements for the types of insurance and minimum coverage amounts, but the common prerequisite between them all is liability insurance.

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As Uber and Lyft have grown in popularity, car insurance companies have made efforts to meet the demand from drivers for coverage. Typically, rideshare insurance covers personal use and adds.

Comprehensive insurance (also known as “other than collision” in some states) covers damage to your car caused by events that are out of your control. It covers things like theft, vandalism, glass and windshield damage, fire, accidents with animals, weather/acts of nature, etc. Comprehensive is an optional coverage.

With all the talk of Uber recently, you might have considered signing up to drive for the service in order to earn some extra money. You might also wonder about the implications when it comes to your car insurance and who would pay in the event of an accident.

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While often a commercial car insurance policy is designed to protect the goods in the vehicle as well as your vehicle and the other vehicles in the accident, as a food delivery driver you are still required to carry this type of insurance.

The business of car insurance is built on calculating risk. Your car insurance premiums are based on how much of a risk an insurance company thinks you are when you’re behind the wheel. Many of the risk factors insurers consider are things you can’t control, such as your gender and your age.

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As you can see, insuring a sports car as Jeff’s primary vehicle has increased his insurance policy’s premium, but in our test instance not by much–$132 for the year.

Major auto insurers often charge safe drivers higher rates than those who have. single receptionist who rented her home and had been without insurance coverage for 45 days. The other was a married.

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Updated: November 2017. Property damage liability coverage. is part of a car insurance policy. It helps pay to repair damage you cause to another person’s vehicle or property. Property damage liability coverage is required by law in most states.

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Other states require insurers. There is no “typical” uninsured driver. Some don’t have car insurance because they resent the requirement—“Live Free or Die” New Hampshire is the only state that does.

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