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But that’s what happened this week, as The Times announced that Tanzina Vega, who has covered that beat for the national desk, would be transferred to the metro desk and go off to cover courts in the.

A year or so ago, about the time my older son got his driver’s license, I realized we’d enter a new stage. All his life, these shifts from one “developmental milestone” to the next have taken me by su.

"you’re going to be paying a heck of a lot more than if you were living in an upstate New York ZIP code." Connecticut law, in fact, prevents insurers from splitting a town or city into two rating "ter.

Times are tough all over, even at the historically high-tone. the department has announced that starting in July it will start charging drivers $490 to respond to a crash or car fire involving inju.

Alex Vega, Black’s next-door neighbor, drove feverishly from work in the Bronx on Tuesday to rescue. debris and hosted a visit from an auto insurance representative who confirmed that his wife’s ca.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s discovered a way to kneecap the NRA by outlawing its gun-liability insurance program and is urging other states to follow his lead, saying they have a chance to ex.

It’s easy to be dismissive when times are good, as they have been for Detroit lately. For the past three years the auto industry has delivered record sales, profits, and growth. GM and Ford are still.

To do a horse-race piece, you just call up the usual suspects on your Rolodex, and have a bunch of “one Democratic insider said” quotes. That’s also, I suspect, why many policy stories just consist of.

Loads of commenters chimed in, disagreeing with these alleged high insurance costs for the Model 3. So now, we’d like to hear directly from you. We’re keeping it simple. Just click the amount that app.

City car wash owners will now have to take out $150,000 in wage-theft insurance, thanks to a federal jurist who reconsidered an earlier decision to strike down a suite of new regulations on the indust.

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See how a group of Franciscan Friars helped bring the South Bronx out of the ashes. borough into a pit of despair and hopelessness that seemed insurmountable as New York City itself descended into.

Prior to Stapel’s downfall, his work had attracted highly favorable international attention including multiple citations in the Times of New York (which happily repeated. Did he really park his car.

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