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HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, is an efficiency rating for Heat Pumps which takes the estimated seasonal heating output in BTU’s & divides that by the amount of energy that it consumes.

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Generally installed to cover off one main living area of your home. We know that some makes and models are more efficient and we can compare the MPG rating from one car to another. Heat pump efficiency can be looked in a similar way. You can compare same sized models to one another by looking at their HSPF and COP ratings;.

In warm weather, it condenses and extracts heat from inside, cooling a home, and in cool weather, it condenses and extracts heat from outdoor air, heating a home. According to the Department of Energy, the heating efficiency of an air-source heat pump is determined by its heating season performance factor, or HSPF.

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Florida Building Code, Building. CHAPTER 1, ADMINISTRATION. The car shall be at least 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) wide by 9 feet (2.74 meters) deep and the car doors shall have a clear opening of not less than 4 feet (1.22 meters) wide and 7 feet (2.13 meters) high. Heating system, heat pump HSPF 7.7. Air distribution system R-6.

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A heat pump with an 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF. Automatic Controls A programmable or setback thermostat (around $40), which contains.

Apr 04, 2007  · Asking for Recommendations for New HVAC in a Row Home. Discussion in ‘Home Repair’ started by Mike, Apr 3, A heat pump with a HSPF rating of 8.5 (i.e., seasonal COP of 2.5), would thus provide heat at just under 5.1. California car insurance asking for odometer reading. Replacing doors and moulding: asking for.

If you don’t live in an evacuation zone, but your home is in a flood-prone area or fails to meet today’s. setting aside medications, securing insurance documents and packing the car for the event o.

The XP25 heat pump has a cooling efficiency of up to 23.50 SEER and a HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rating of 10.20, making it an ideal option for areas where a heat pump can provide optimal heating and cooling for a.

Jan 25, 2015  · I have a 2 stage heat pump, the coils inside the furnace Heat Pump Help (renter, house, tenants) – Northern Virginia – Virginia (VA) – City-Data Forum City-Data Forum > U.S. Forums > Virginia > Northern Virginia

I have a 1300 sq ft home and need new heat pump. the old unit is 3.5 ton and this seems too big?. Will homeowners insurance cover my heat pump going out? How much should a new central heat pump unit cost?. 44% – 1618 square foot home, dallas fort worth area, heat pump unit, how many tons? 42%.

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Installing a small through-the-wall or window unit air-source heat pump to cool and heat a single room costs about $500-$2,000. A heat pump heats a house in winter and cools it in summer by moving heat from one area to another. The ASHRAE rating for this HP 17 SEER and 10 HSPF and are both quite high. The HP is a two stage.

While regular maintenance of a heat pump isn’t much more than cleaning out those filters, you DO need to remember to clean them. Otherwise, you could be facing bigger issues such as loss of efficiency and heat production, freezing up inside during the summer months and increased expense to run.

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There are three main types of heat pumps—air source, split ductless, and geothermal. All heat pump systems should be installed by a professional heating and cooling technician who can determine.

Rating: Since it generates both heating and air conditioning, there are two ratings for heat pumps: SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) for cooling, which ranges from 10 to 17 (9.7 is the federally mandated minimum); and HSPF (heating season performance factor) for heating, which ranges from 6.8 (the minimum) to 10.

The advances in the heating performance of our systems are remarkable. Our H21® hyper-heating INVERTER technology can heat effectively even when temperatures outside are as low as -13° F. H2i systems can provide up to 100% heating capacity at 5° F and are extremely efficient.

In heating mode, think of a heat pump as an air conditioner that can go in reverse. It absorbs heat from the air, condenses it and pumps it into the home. According to the Department of Energy, the heating efficiency of an air-source heat pump is determined by its heating season performance factor, or HSPF.

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